Take the fierce energy of a hardcore band, add a touch of metal, and what you unleash is the perfect combination only known as New Haven CT's Hatebreed. Tired with the current state of heavy music, singer Jamey Shanahan wanted to ensemble a release that would hit everyone over the head and begin the awakening. Jamey states " that was the reason we started this band. In Connecticut in ë93 people considered Quicksand and Iceburn hardcore and Iím thinking ëno way this is indie rock.' We wanted simple songs with simple song structures. All out brutality, 30 seconds and it is done."

The perfect description of what Jamey states rings true from the headline that reads above the bands recent article in Thrasher skate magazine "Hatebreed mean business, they don't fuck around, and they don't waste your time". All these elements are true. Their Victory Records debut ëDeath Is The Satisfaction of Desire' is a certifiable hardcore phenomenon. ëSatisfactioní is a top selling release that continues to make strides and has sold more copies than any other debut in the history of Victory Records. They were in the Loud Rock Top 10 charts for over 20 weeks in 1998. "This recording has that evil, it resides in all of us. It's what fuels us." Jamey states.

With a huge devotion to hardcore, HATEBREED has given their attention to the metal side of things. All members site bands like Slayer, Celtic Frost, Nile, Sepultura and Entombed as huge influences to their tuned down style hardcore. Jamey explains " We're Celtic Frost hardcore! Hey, today, every hardcore band is influenced by Slayer, even the ones doing that late 80's NYHC old-school." They have not only taken their influences from metal but have also shared the stage with several acts that include Entombed, Deftones, Slayer, Mercyful Fate, Napalm Death and Machine Head.

The band also were the head liners of the first ever Victory Records Tour that also included labelmates Skarhead, All Out War, Blood For Blood and Shutdown. This tour was a huge success and plans to assemble another one are in the early stages..

Hatebreed will continue to take their message of aggression-packed hardcore to all kinds of audiences this year. Early spring will bring the Extremities Tour that will include metal heroes Messugah. The band is in the hopes of earning another slot on this summers Warp Tour as they left last years Warp Tour a complete warzone. People to this day speak of how their live performances dealt a much needed kick in the ass to that tour. Nothing sums this up better than their first date of that tour when a virtual riot broke out as people, barricades and Warp Tour personal were left in ruins. No one had ever seen an act pull that many people into that kind of frenzy. After that day it wasn't uncommon to find NOFX, Rancid and Deftones watching from the side of the Hatebreed stage. Maybe some lessons were being taught!

With a consistent touring schedule and solid line-up intact, Hatebreed will continue to change the face of hard music. The band plans to return to the studio in late summer to record the follow-up to Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire. So for the faint at heart you have been warned, as nothing will prepare you for the war that Hatebreed will bring.








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